How to choose boxing gloves?

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When choosing boxing gloves, you should clearly define the answers to 5 questions and make a choice based on them:

  1. The material the gloves are made of
  2. How they fit your hands (size)
  3. Their appearance
  4. Boxing mitt weight
  5. Cost

If you are just starting to engage in martial arts, whether it be boxing, MMA or another contact sport that uses boxing gloves, you don’t want to immediately invest a lot of money in equipment that may not be useful if you do not want to continue to do it. In such a situation, a reasonable choice would be to use budget models of gloves like Adidas ‘Training’. Such gloves are made of simple leatherette, so their service life is not very outstanding. Despite this, this model is quite convenient, it has a rigid Velcro that fixes the hand well and allows you to quickly take the gloves off. This is especially good for beginner athletes who do not have a well trained and set blow yet. For them, rigid fixation of the hand increases the chance of avoiding injury due to an incorrectly held blow. If you use them with bandages, you get almost 100% protection from injury.

The answer to the question of which brand to choose depends on the degree of fighter’s professionalize, the type of martial arts and the format of use (sparring, fight, working off on focus gloves, etc.)

Boxing gloves – how to choose the size and material

The most budgetary leather gloves for boxing are ideal for beginners, but they will have to be replaced a few months after the start of training. For intensive classes, cheap models are also not suitable due to the lack of good ventilation. If you are going to seriously engage in boxing, you should pay attention to leather semi-professional or professional models. For example, the range of Tweens boxing gloves which are manually assembled in Thailand. A good alternative is the RDX brand which uses high quality cow leather.

For sparring, it makes sense to purchase gloves with a double layer of foam. They are quite soft, so they injure the opponent and your hands to a lesser extent when working on a solid pear. These gloves are worth buying after the start of a period of intense training and frequent sparring. “Title” gloves are also well suited, they are in the middle price category, but at the same time they are popular even among many professionals precisely as gloves for working on a bag and for sparring. The Title models are filled with foamed gel, but cheaper models with two layers of regular foam will do, too.

How to choose the size of boxing gloves

A clenched palm and wrist should never happen to you. This is a straight way to inevitable injury. The hand should be fixed firmly, fingers tightly clenched into a fist, as much as the design of boxing gloves allows. The thumb should be firmly pressed to the palm of the hand, there should be enough space for it in the corresponding part of the glove, otherwise there is a risk of “knocking out” the thumb during side impacts.

The hand should be clearly fixed in a horizontal position, it is not allowed to lift it up – stiffeners should prevent this from happening. The less freedom a hand gets, the better. The Velcro should firmly fix the hand and not give it too much free space. There are models (like RDX) that have a double Velcro that provide a better fastening to the hand. It is worth paying attention to the best boxing gloves with double Velcro if there are problems with the hands or the blow is still not too good.

Size should also not be too small. The thumb in the gloves that are too small has little free space, so injuries during side impacts are not uncommon in that situation. It is also worth considering that the hand may swell during training, which also is gonna be hard if your gloves are too small for you. If you yourself do not understand whether the gloves are small or not, ask the help of experienced comrades who will help you choose the right size in the store. It is not necessary to buy gloves in a sports store, just try on several sizes to figure out which one is right for you, and order it online, which is often much cheaper.

What else to consider besides the size of boxing gloves

It is important to monitor the number of ventilation holes on the boxing mitt. The fewer there are, the more the hand will sweat during training. In budget models, as a rule, there are no more than 2-4 holes, which is not enough for proper ventilation. Such gloves are not suitable for long professional training, but are suitable for beginners. Professional boxing gloves make a large mesh of holes that ventilate the hand well.

For a professional level, it is worth choosing gloves with a filler made of foam gel, which is 5 times better at absorbing shock than conventional foam used in budget options. Such a filler dampens the force of impact well, which is not transmitted to the wrist and elbow, and damages them. If you have problems with your elbows, gloves with foamed gel should be included in your equipment kit, otherwise there is a risk of harming your joints even more.

Considerable attention should be paid to the weight of the gloves. The lighter they are, the easier it is to train in them. At the start, it is worth taking the lightest gloves with which you will learn how to do a blow and everything, how to hold the hand correctly and practice the basic technique on focus gloves or boxing bag. Over time, it is worth purchasing heavier gloves, which increase endurance, speed and power of impact when you train in them. For sparring, light or medium-weight gloves are suitable that should not injure an opponent. Heavy gloves are usually used for a high level of training, when the hand is already strengthened for heavy loads with heavy gloves when working on heavy focus gloves.